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Puccini Yachts for sale from UK Exclusive Dealer!

When it comes to buying a new motor yacht, the choice is great nowadays. From prestigious shipyards such as Sunseeker, Ferretti, Azimut, Riva and Solaris to many budget manufacturers and self-designers, the amazing number of designs, variety of materials used, quality of finish or ranges available both in terms of size or types of engines has never been so great.  With the advent of solar powered boats and already established electric ones, the selection has become even more difficult for a new buyer.

This is where a choice of a fair and insightful broker or agent is not necessarily crucial, at least not for all buyers is important, yet it can be very important for many a buyer.  This in particular when it comes to choosing which shipyard to deal with. Many will already have an established view and long-term plan where to spend their money.  So it is of no surprise that many British buyers will tend to go for a Princess or in particular a Sunseeker.  On the other hand, Italians will simply not want to look anywhere other than Riva, Solaris and Azimut, while German, Austrian or Scandinavian buyers will have their own reason to look at Ferretti, Pershing, even Bavaria or as French would most do, Jeanneau and by now established Monte Carlo boats or Pearl motor yachts.

What seems to be of greater importance however is no longer the quality, prestige, value for money or final budget, but bespoke and unique solutions.  This is where new shipyard such as PUCCINI YACHTS comes in. Offering plenty of bespoke options on all of their models, from layout, number of cabins, type or size of engines and obviously various options. on some of their models, one can even choose a completely new design and even a designer under circumstances.  We are talking here about 40-80ft boats and not superyachts and mega yachts which already have such bespoke solutions in place.  Thus, the buyer in the budget range from around 500,000 – 4,000,000 Euros is now in a driving seat like never before.

With presence of a high quality, but great value shipyard manufacturing motor boats from 39-58ft and luxury motor yachts form 65-110ft, with most boats offering high levels of tailor-made solutions, where the buyer of a new motor yacht can request a completely new design, the importance is suddenly shifting.  On one of the deals, the buyer is offered a completely new and bespoke design of an open motor yacht, with automatic hard top, aft galley, 2-cabin layout and bespoke engines as well as an optional profit share in any future sales of the same model.  This requires a level of trust between the broker and client in the first place, but also readiness and professionalism of the shipyard to consider and indeed agree to such a deal.

Thus, if you are in the market to buy a new motor yacht and are not finding a suitable product, layout, design or quality of finish, you should not despair, but ask for an alternative design or bespoke solution.  Puccini Yachts are certainly becoming a leader in this field as they are both delivering high quality products, offering flexible and fully bespoke solutions, such as on an existing 85ft mould on which the client can fully decide on all aspects of designs,  and crucially, using best raw materials, branded parts and equipment such as Besenzoni hydraulic gangway, and latest Volvo or Cat marine engines as well as adhering to agreed deadlines in terms of delivery.

In any case, buying a motor yacht should be an enjoyable, exciting and unique moment. Why not make sure that your new boat is all of this as well, as exciting as you at your best, as enjoyable as a play with your children and as unique as your own desires.  Consider therefore new shipyards, new designs and new solutions, rather than established brands and often overblown pricing by prestigious shipyards, who also at times use exclusive dealers with questionable financial history and even criminal procedures by using secondary companies which never file accounts, steal clients deposits and register new business names as partner companies to hide their trails.  Be wary therefore not only what shipyard will you use to get your boat built, but also what broker you will use, as even the most prestigious and exclusive brokers, for example in a country such as Poland,  and who may represent well known brands, may not have your own interest in mind, but their own profits only; who while doing so are leaving a trail of destruction and debt behind them, and quite often with your own money possibly too.

Yacht Charter and Covid-19

Late in 2019, some of our clients, business partners and friends reported lock-downs in China, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, even Japan and Vietnam.  We did not pay attention and thought it’s just some kind of short-term distress somewhere else, without any major repercussions. for us or life in general.  How wrong were we …

In mid-January this year, the coronavirus named Covid-19 spread with certainty and some speed across Europe and the rest of the World.  Wet markets or the sale of exotic animals for consumption within them, or nearby Wuhan laboratory were blamed for the outbreak, with Chinese government being the main culprit for allowing the spread of the virus abroad, but not in places such as Shanghai or Beijing.  Whatever the truth and source, it is unquestionable that travel and holidays are affected like never before.  Flights are cancelled, two week quarantines are the norm and sailing and indeed yacht charter holidays have become impossible in many parts of the world, even for the local population.

With some positive news coming out in the first few days of May however, we are starting to look forward and the light in tunnel starts to appear.  It will hopefully not be a brief moment of enlightenment, but a new start with less war and more freedom, sailing and good life.   The good news is also that charter terms and conditions have been updated for most boats in the meantime.  You can now book some boats with full 100% refund guarantee in case you are unable to travel, arrive to your chosen destination or indeed even leave your homeland due to Covid-19 related lock-downs or disturbances.  The payment terms for most yacht charter holidays, including bareboat hire, skippered or luxury crewed yacht charters and superyacht rentals are also updated so that lower deposits are expected, in most cases less than 50%; in some cases only 10% to secure the deal initially.  We can also accept various types of payments, from bank transfers in Euros, US$’s or GBP Sterling, up to almost any type of debit or credit card as well as major crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and maybe even alternative ones such as Cardano, Ripple/XRP, BAT, Ox, Stellar, Binance Coin, Neo, XMR, Tezos, EOS or Ethereum Classic and so on.

The coronavirus situation in most sailing destinations is similar, although there will be minor or major differences from country to country and continent to continent. Greece will open islands to visiting boats only as of 27th June 2020 for example, Croatia on the other hand hopes that introduction of World Health Organisation recommended procedures of Test, Track and Trace, after local tourist centres and airports are being supplied by up to 2 million latest and best Covid-19 testing kits Made in Germany, which apparently produce illness outcomes within 10 minutes, is hoping to have a full uninterrupted summer holidays, including full sailing season starting in May already.  France is allowing visitors from Europe without quarantine already as of 11th May as well.

What is the fact though, is that sailing on a private boats offers best type of self-isolation during a holiday.  With advanced provisioning in place and fully equipped yachts, to include generators, watermakers and solar panels, yachting crews can plan a week or a fortnight long escape from socialising with others easily.  Improving cleaning and introduced sanitising  is also part of a daily routine on all boats and fleets are ensuring they are ready to accept yacht charter clients when they get to their chosen destination.

The same is the case with superyachts and luxury boats where testing of the crew is also part of new and improved Covid-19 yacht charter preparations.  All those planning to hire a superyacht or a luxury sailing boat, de-luxe gullet or any type of a crewed charter yacht, can rest assured that we as your charter broker will ensure this will be confirmed prior to both booking and your arrival.

And while the blame game between politicians looking to score points is likely to continue, the good news is that scientists and health officials from all countries including China, USA and EU amongst many countries are working together and exchanging relevant information.  Some therapies are also proving beneficial and individual medication will help one or the other patient.  With high percentage of those recovering from the respiratory illness even without life-saving vaccine in sight, we remain positive that many sailing crews will indeed be able to go on a well deserved yacht charter vacation during the summer 2020.  And if not, we lead the way in advance booking and long-term charters which can allow you to plan well in advance.  Add to this option to join to some informal or formal regattas, or even transatlantic crossing events such as ARC 2020 and ARC 2021 and the life looks brighter.

Get in touch with us at A2A YACHTING to explore your options including buying a new or used boat or commissioning the purchase of a new and bespoke PUCCINI YACHT with HYBRID or ELECTRICAL engines,  or a luxury house villa on the water both of which will allow you to enjoy self-isolation, lockdown and avoid socialising with anyone other than your family members for a longer period of time.


Wishing you all the best and enjoy your lockdowns; some lovely aspects of family life have come to the fore in the last few weeks. If and when we beat the coronavirus, those memories will stay with us forever.


Long-Term Yacht Charter and Sabbatical Sailing Holidays

In the current times of lock-downs, isolation and undesired quarantine, escaping to a long-term sailing holiday could be a thing you are dreaming about at night.  And while most island countries in the Pacific as well as the Caribbean and major sailing destinations in the Mediterranean and elsewhere remain closed with most not welcoming new visitors, the situation is likely to change very soon.  It is good to know therefore that yacht charter is back on the agenda and many crews are already getting together to plan their yachting vacation, not only in 2021 or even 2022, but already in 2020.

There is a clear evidence that destinations such as Greece in the Mediterranean and Virgin Islands are due to open very soon.  With that in mind, it is also welcoming to know that some international flights are re-opening and we can see that flying from NEW YORK to Athens, or from London to Dubrovnik is likely to be possible as or early June 2020.  As a result, we are using this opportunity to let you know now, as well as at the time when you may actually stumble across this blog, that long-term charter is indeed an ideal social distancing type of holiday.

We are also experts and yacht charter leading agency when it comes to organising sabbaticals and long term yacht charters.  Our clients have already sailed as long as 9 months and on yachts such as Beneteau Oceanis 40, Lagoon 450, Catana 42 and Lagoon 40 to name but a few.  One way charters including cross-country sailing is always possible and such charters included deals from Turkey – France or from Spain – Greece.  Two of the deals currently available are one way from the East Caribbean to the Mediterranean and up to 18 months.  One other deal is a straightforward crossing from UK or France – Panama and on top, there is also a possibility to hire a bot en route between NEW YORK / USA to the Mediterranean or in opposite direction, with extensive sailing in the Med to ensure a proper sailing vacation follows the crossing.

When it comes to long-term charters, most of these are organised for couples who wish to escape for longer periods or families with small children.  One of our clients even picked up a boat in the UK and sailed it one way all the way to Coffs Harbour in Australia.  While this was not a typical yacht charter or even a long-term yachtcharter holiday, we can arrange such crossings for those who wish to buy a boat in Europe and sail her back to their homeland.

Most importantly, even when your own plan, scenario or idea seems impossible and you are hitting the wall, we can find a solution usually. For example, one of our clients wanted to sail along Queensland coast of Australia.  No local charter company was ready to offer this deal and boats based in Whitsundays were either too expensive or would not be insured or allowed to leave the region.  We have as a result approached our local contacts and arranged two deals, one on a 40ft catamaran and another one on a 39ft monohull.  In other words, when it comes to long-term sailing and extensive sabbatical yacht charter holidays, we will not only find you a deal, but also offer a choice where possible.

We therefore invite you to follow our blog, contact us by email and subscribe to our newsletter as well as contact us by email to share your plans and ideas for your next long-term yacht charter holiday or a sabbatical escape.  Consider such charters can take from as short as 6 weeks and last up to 18 months in general, yet nothing is really impossible and anything goes.  This may also include a deal to buy an existing boat and lock in a re-sale price in advance and prior to actually starting your yachtcharter vacation.

A2A YACHTING is listening and awaiting.



Summer sailing and yacht charter holiday in the Caribbean!?


We are often asked if sailing in the Caribbean is inviting, safe, good value and recommendable during summer months. For those who are contemplating such an adventure, we can only say make your own research, get our advice and plan it carefully. Sailing in the Mediterranean in the summer is and will remain our top recommendation for sure.  Despite huge price differences, lack of wind in some locations or to some extent cold seas suitable for relaxed swimming, the Med is simply said a spectacular place to spend a summer yachting vacation.  From numerous Greek Islands, across the enchanting Adriatic, historical Turkish coastline or prestige of Cote d’Azur, Italian Riviera and the Balearics, everywhere you go, the chances are you will have an amazing sailing adventure and a yachting holiday full of experiences.

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Island hoping in Croatia – which are the best ones!

When it comes to yachting vacation in Croatia or Adriatic in general, the choice for a regular weekly or fortnightly sailing, in particular non powerboat cruise, is quite large.

Island Rab-Yacht Charter Croatia-OneWayLongTermsailing

Island Rab – Yacht Charter Croatia


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