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Long-Term Yacht Charter and Sabbatical Sailing Holidays

In the current times of lock-downs, isolation and undesired quarantine, escaping to a long-term sailing holiday could be a thing you are dreaming about at night.  And while most island countries in the Pacific as well as the Caribbean and major sailing destinations in the Mediterranean and elsewhere remain closed with most not welcoming new visitors, the situation is likely to change very soon.  It is good to know therefore that yacht charter is back on the agenda and many crews are already getting together to plan their yachting vacation, not only in 2021 or even 2022, but already in 2020.

There is a clear evidence that destinations such as Greece in the Mediterranean and Virgin Islands are due to open very soon.  With that in mind, it is also welcoming to know that some international flights are re-opening and we can see that flying from NEW YORK to Athens, or from London to Dubrovnik is likely to be possible as or early June 2020.  As a result, we are using this opportunity to let you know now, as well as at the time when you may actually stumble across this blog, that long-term charter is indeed an ideal social distancing type of holiday.

We are also experts and yacht charter leading agency when it comes to organising sabbaticals and long term yacht charters.  Our clients have already sailed as long as 9 months and on yachts such as Beneteau Oceanis 40, Lagoon 450, Catana 42 and Lagoon 40 to name but a few.  One way charters including cross-country sailing is always possible and such charters included deals from Turkey – France or from Spain – Greece.  Two of the deals currently available are one way from the East Caribbean to the Mediterranean and up to 18 months.  One other deal is a straightforward crossing from UK or France – Panama and on top, there is also a possibility to hire a bot en route between NEW YORK / USA to the Mediterranean or in opposite direction, with extensive sailing in the Med to ensure a proper sailing vacation follows the crossing.

When it comes to long-term charters, most of these are organised for couples who wish to escape for longer periods or families with small children.  One of our clients even picked up a boat in the UK and sailed it one way all the way to Coffs Harbour in Australia.  While this was not a typical yacht charter or even a long-term yachtcharter holiday, we can arrange such crossings for those who wish to buy a boat in Europe and sail her back to their homeland.

Most importantly, even when your own plan, scenario or idea seems impossible and you are hitting the wall, we can find a solution usually. For example, one of our clients wanted to sail along Queensland coast of Australia.  No local charter company was ready to offer this deal and boats based in Whitsundays were either too expensive or would not be insured or allowed to leave the region.  We have as a result approached our local contacts and arranged two deals, one on a 40ft catamaran and another one on a 39ft monohull.  In other words, when it comes to long-term sailing and extensive sabbatical yacht charter holidays, we will not only find you a deal, but also offer a choice where possible.

We therefore invite you to follow our blog, contact us by email and subscribe to our newsletter as well as contact us by email to share your plans and ideas for your next long-term yacht charter holiday or a sabbatical escape.  Consider such charters can take from as short as 6 weeks and last up to 18 months in general, yet nothing is really impossible and anything goes.  This may also include a deal to buy an existing boat and lock in a re-sale price in advance and prior to actually starting your yachtcharter vacation.

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Island hoping in Croatia – which are the best ones!

When it comes to yachting vacation in Croatia or Adriatic in general, the choice for a regular weekly or fortnightly sailing, in particular non powerboat cruise, is quite large.

Island Rab-Yacht Charter Croatia-OneWayLongTermsailing

Island Rab – Yacht Charter Croatia


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Dubrovnik Minceta Tower

Dubrovnik Minceta Tower

Once your seaway takes you to the South of Adriatic, it will be a shame not to step from your luxury yacht and explore the Pearl of Adriatic –The city of Dubrovnik. What is so special about Dubrovnik? In this article I will lead you through this medieval city and its cultural attractions.

Old town is an excellent mix of old buildings, narrow streets, cafés, shops and visitors from all over the world, including many keen sailors and those seeking an exclusive yachting experience in the Adriatic. The old town’s city centre is traffic free, and is of a great size to walk through its history in just one day.  First of all, there is something untouchable about Dubrovnik’s history. First known inhabitants of the Dubrovnik region were Romans, who were mainly populating the area near today’s Cavtat , which at the time was a Roman colony called Epidaurum.  City of Epidaurum was a large and prosperous Roman colony numbering approximately 40 000 people but unfortunately it was completely destroyed in the earthquake and during barbarian invasions. Refugees, who were running from barbarians, inhabited the nearby island and there they formed a new colony – Ragusium. In the 7th century Croats came to this region, during the Slav migrations and made a wooden settlement called Dubrovnik. In the 11th century the channel between two settlements was filled up with soil. This channel became the most famous street – Stradun. Because of its position on the trade crossroads, sheltered harbor, quality oak wood, the city becomes a trade center. Until 13th century Dubrovnik was growing rapidly as a major trading centre.  This was mainly due to the export of silver from mines in Bosnia and permission by Bosnian King at the time for all Dubrovnik citizens, to trade freely and travel freely across his Kingdom.  The document, Povelja Kulina Bana is currently kept at one of the Dubrovnik museums and is one of the oldest such documents where absolute power by a King is devolved, similar to famous Magna Carta which was written some 20 years later.  Around this time, Dubrovnik was under the Venice authority for around 150 years, but the city survived the rule and slowly became the aristocratic republic – Republica Ragusiana.

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