When it comes to buying a new motor yacht, the choice is great nowadays. From prestigious shipyards such as Sunseeker, Ferretti, Azimut, Riva and Solaris to many budget manufacturers and self-designers, the amazing number of designs, variety of materials used, quality of finish or ranges available both in terms of size or types of engines has never been so great.  With the advent of solar powered boats and already established electric ones, the selection has become even more difficult for a new buyer.

This is where a choice of a fair and insightful broker or agent is not necessarily crucial, at least not for all buyers is important, yet it can be very important for many a buyer.  This in particular when it comes to choosing which shipyard to deal with. Many will already have an established view and long-term plan where to spend their money.  So it is of no surprise that many British buyers will tend to go for a Princess or in particular a Sunseeker.  On the other hand, Italians will simply not want to look anywhere other than Riva, Solaris and Azimut, while German, Austrian or Scandinavian buyers will have their own reason to look at Ferretti, Pershing, even Bavaria or as French would most do, Jeanneau and by now established Monte Carlo boats or Pearl motor yachts.

What seems to be of greater importance however is no longer the quality, prestige, value for money or final budget, but bespoke and unique solutions.  This is where new shipyard such as PUCCINI YACHTS comes in. Offering plenty of bespoke options on all of their models, from layout, number of cabins, type or size of engines and obviously various options. on some of their models, one can even choose a completely new design and even a designer under circumstances.  We are talking here about 40-80ft boats and not superyachts and mega yachts which already have such bespoke solutions in place.  Thus, the buyer in the budget range from around 500,000 – 4,000,000 Euros is now in a driving seat like never before.

With presence of a high quality, but great value shipyard manufacturing motor boats from 39-58ft and luxury motor yachts form 65-110ft, with most boats offering high levels of tailor-made solutions, where the buyer of a new motor yacht can request a completely new design, the importance is suddenly shifting.  On one of the deals, the buyer is offered a completely new and bespoke design of an open motor yacht, with automatic hard top, aft galley, 2-cabin layout and bespoke engines as well as an optional profit share in any future sales of the same model.  This requires a level of trust between the broker and client in the first place, but also readiness and professionalism of the shipyard to consider and indeed agree to such a deal.

Thus, if you are in the market to buy a new motor yacht and are not finding a suitable product, layout, design or quality of finish, you should not despair, but ask for an alternative design or bespoke solution.  Puccini Yachts are certainly becoming a leader in this field as they are both delivering high quality products, offering flexible and fully bespoke solutions, such as on an existing 85ft mould on which the client can fully decide on all aspects of designs,  and crucially, using best raw materials, branded parts and equipment such as Besenzoni hydraulic gangway, and latest Volvo or Cat marine engines as well as adhering to agreed deadlines in terms of delivery.

In any case, buying a motor yacht should be an enjoyable, exciting and unique moment. Why not make sure that your new boat is all of this as well, as exciting as you at your best, as enjoyable as a play with your children and as unique as your own desires.  Consider therefore new shipyards, new designs and new solutions, rather than established brands and often overblown pricing by prestigious shipyards, who also at times use exclusive dealers with questionable financial history and even criminal procedures by using secondary companies which never file accounts, steal clients deposits and register new business names as partner companies to hide their trails.  Be wary therefore not only what shipyard will you use to get your boat built, but also what broker you will use, as even the most prestigious and exclusive brokers, for example in a country such as Poland,  and who may represent well known brands, may not have your own interest in mind, but their own profits only; who while doing so are leaving a trail of destruction and debt behind them, and quite often with your own money possibly too.