Used Boats

Range of used boats for sale:

There a huge number of high quality, well maintained used boats available for sale. They may include only those used privately and usually with extra equipment or owner layout, or regular charter versions too. At this moment in time we do not list or accept boats for sale, other than if a client is direclty enquiring. We have many regular clients who charter yachts every year, at times more than once every season. These clients are at times keen to buy a new or used boat and as a matter of trust, put their enquiry forward to our business as well. As a result, we have a distinct network of suppliers of used boats, some of which are used in charter and some of which are privately owned.

If you are looking to buy a used boat therefore, do consider getting in touch as even if we can’t assist you in sourcing out the ideal boat, which we can try by any means, we can certainly provide a good advice or an alternative option. Used boats are available as far as South Pacific at times or may be located just around the corner in the Solent. If you are based in Australia or New Zealand for example, it may be worthwhile considering to fly to Europe, sourcing a used or even a newish boat in the UK or in the Mediterranean and sailing her back home. This has been done already and we can give you a first hand advice.

We will occasionally publish used boat offerings on these pages, but for now our database will be kept private. To get a suggestion, recommendation or just an advice on what or where to buy, do get in touch at your leisure by sending email at sales or calling one of our numbers.