Bareboat Yacht Charter

About fully independent bareboat yacht charter sailing holidays:

Bareboat yacht charter is available in all major sailing destinations including the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Sailing licence and at times VHF licences are required to approve bareboat charter in some locations (Spain or Croatia for yachts above 17m) while in most others sailing resumee may be acceptable. This type of sailing holiday allows you a complete control of your itinerary and in current times provides desired self isolation and hygienically clean environment. Social distancing is at its best as you do not have a need to meet anyone during your sailing vacation, especially if using an external provisioning service company to deliver your supplies before your arrival. Check-in can also be arranged at a time when no other crews are around, with only base manager or boat representative present and dressed with suitable PPE equipment. Bareboat charter yachts are also always cleaned before embarkation and most recently will be disinfected prior to your embarkation. Yachts available on a bareboat hire basis range from 30-65ft and include boats such as Jeanneau 64 and Pershing 64.

We can for example offer the following on a bareboat yacht charter basis:

1. Power boats from 20-39ft in most Mediterranean locations

2. Sailing boats from 30-64ft in all major sailing grounds

3. Sailing Catamarans from 34-65ft in all major sailing grounds

4. Power Catamarans from 40-50ft mostly in the Med and the East Caribbean

5. Motor Yachts from 40-65ft mostly in the Med and the East Caribbean

6. Trimarans up to 50ft mostly in the Med and the East Caribbean

7. Sailing Yachts and Sailing Catamarans up to 23,9m yet with owner's captain only


Any yacht offered on a bareboat basis, can also be hired with a skipper or a deckhand or just a hostess in case you feel the need to have additional person on board. If you have not sailed before, we can also arrange a skipper or a hostess and chef all of which will be tested for covid-19 infection prior to start of the charter. This is in particular the case with extensive longer term yacht charters where you may access difficult to sail grounds and may want to have an assistance of a local skipper, or transatlantic crossings and in most cases during formal racing charters, all of which can be arranged on a bareboat basis, yet may require you to consider an extra crew. If you are qualified and expeirenced, bareboat charter is most likely best way forward; if not or if you are in need of assistance, we can also arrange skippered yacht charters.